New and used presses

Used presses 

In addition to market leading press manufacture we also carry a range of used hydraulic presses. These can be modified and/or fully refurbished  at our workshop to meet your specific requirements. 

Our refurbishment service includes all hydraulic, electrical and mechanical aspects, on-site commissioning and hydraulic/electrical drawings. 

Our unique position as a company specialising in both new and used presses means that we can readily provide a reconditioning, re-building option on modifying old press frames as a cost effective option to a new build. 

Delivery can also be arranged where required.  

We buy used presses 

We are always interested in talking to companies who have equipment they no longer require.

So please get in touch if you are disposing of any surplus presses. We can de-commission and remove from site.   

Workshop & Production Presses

We work with Stenhoj to provide new presses to customers in the UK and Ireland. 

We can also supply spare parts for Stenhoj presses.

Stenhoj have been producing high quality presses sinve 1932. They can be supplied as a stndard press or modified to suit your needs. 

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